Time Management Fantasies

Time to use your imagination. Here goes: You now have an extra hour in your workday, with nothing to do. It’s your hour to do with what you want. What would you do?

Would you spend more time on big picture things, like strategy? More time interacting with those above you, or below you? Spend more time on your own career development, perhaps more time learning?

More time spent on developing processes and systems? More time building your team? More time being creative, looking for innovations? More time surfing the web, checking Facebook and Twitter.

Take a moment to really think about what you would use this extra hour per day for. How important is it for you to do what it is you decided on? Let’s say you decided you would use this extra hour per day for developing processes and systems. How important is that task to the success of your job?

Could it be that your priorities are not right? Could it be that developing processes and systems, for example, is very important – so important that if you don’t do it your boss will think of you as someone who simply gets the minimum done, but will never excel? Could it be that for a healthy career, that task needs to get moved up your priority list?

What if that extra hour was available for personal things? What would you do with it?

For many people I talk to, they would use the extra hour of personal time to focus on their health and fitness. They would workout more. If that’s the case, is this another example of your priorities being less than ideal? Could it be for a healthy life, that task needs to get moved up your priority list?

The reason I’m asking these questions is to get you to re-think your priorities. It’s so easy to think that what we’re currently doing is the right thing. It’s easy to continue to do what we’ve been doing. In fact, it’s harder to change – harder to rearrange our priorities. And if we keep doing the same thing, you know what we’ll get – the same thing we’ve always gotten.

Think about it. If you had one more hour per day, what would you do with it? And then, is that something that you should find a way to work into your day now, by rearranging your priorities? Doing that may just make our professional and personal lives more healthy and productive.

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