Confidence is a 2-way Street

Many people will tell you that one needs confidence to be a successful manager or leader. That’s where the problem starts.

Many confident managers and leaders answer most, if not all questions with a statement. Even when they don’t know the real answer. Instead of admitting they don’t know the answer, they fake it. I would suggest those managers or leaders are either over-confident or not confident enough.

Confidence means having the confidence to admit one doesn’t have all the answers. By the very definition of the title manager or leader, one can’t have all the answers. One can’t know all the details and still have the bigger picture view that a manager or leader requires.

An indication of confidence is the willingness to admit not knowing all the answers, and being okay with asking questions. Asking those questions will lead to more knowledge, leading to more confidence, providing you with the confidence to admit to not knowing all the answers and asking more questions. And on and on…

When was the last time you admitted to not knowing the answer to a question? A funny thing happens when you admit you don’t have all the answers: others trust you more. They trust that you’ll tell the truth, even if it means looking less knowledgeable.

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