Coaching FAQs

Q: What is coaching?

A: People hire a coach to make a change, reach a goal, solve a problem, deal with a crisis or challenge, or improve their performance. Coaching is a process of identifying objectives/goals, developing strategies to achieve them, establishing deliverables and measurables, being held accountable (both ways), discussing and collaborating, sharing experience, providing feedback, evaluating against the objectives/goals, and perhaps starting the cycle over again.

Q: How does coaching work?
A: Whether it’s a leadership or “under-performing employee” coaching program, the typical approach is to start with an initial discussion to establish the objectives of the coaching sessions. From there we develop the plan, and determine how often the coaching sessions will occur (weekly, 3 times per month, by phone or in person, 30 or 60 minute sessions, etc.). For best results, a minimum of a 3-month program is recommended; it may end there or continue on.

Q: What makes your coaching different from others’?
A: There are six keys to my coaching:

  1. Systemization: While I will listen, collaborate, provide feedback, make recommendations, provide tools for improvement, and all the other things that a good coach does, I go one step further – I provide an ongoing system and/or process that you can continue to use in the future. My goal is to, over time, provide you with the tools for independence from my service except for the occasional check-in and/or refresher.
  2. Performance: I understand performance as well or better than anyone, and my natural strength is in bringing your maximum performance out on a consistent basis. In addition to coaching in the business world, I have extensive experience working in the high performance world of auto racing and sports. I’ve also developed performance management systems for the workplace.
  3. Experience: There are not many situations that I have not experienced within the business world, from entrepreneur to company executive, and everything in between. I can relate.
  4. Pressure: Today’s business world is full of pressure, and no one knows pressure like I do. Having performed in the high-pressure world of auto racing, I know not only how to manage it, but how to use it to your advantage.
  5. Time Management: I know you’re busy. Who isn’t these days? I will not waste your time – it’s all about efficiency. I am flexible to suit your schedule, and will not take any more time than necessary.
  6. Results-focused: My past experience was all about getting results – now! While the process is important, in the end it’s the results that count. I enjoy nothing more than being faced with a challenge or problem, and developing a solution that achieves the results. And I’m prepared to do whatever it takes – I will go the extra mile to ensure you accomplish the objectives you set (available 24/7, will research and recommend other support people, work with other people and/or teams in your organization, etc.).

Q: What can I expect from you in a coaching relationship?
A: Honest and thoughtful feedback, respect, ethical practice, wisdom of experience, big picture view, deep listening, humor, patience, creativity, compassion, motivation, challenge, follow through and accountability – and lots of questions. Hey, these are the foundation of who I am, so you’ll be stuck with them!

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