My services are focused on one thing: Improving performance. In the business world, I provide the following services:

  • COACHING: At my core, my work is coaching – it’s my sweet spot. While I’ve been trained and certified as a coach, my approach is not a standard, one-size-fits-all style. Sure, I use a framework for my coaching work, but each assignment is unique… because you’re unique. I coach executives, new managers, under-performing employees and business owners. Click here for Coaching FAQs.
  • CONSULTING: Often what a business or team needs is a process or system designed to improve overall performance. An objective view – one not so close to the day-to-day operation – is critical. I assess the current situation, then develop systems and processes to enhance performance, solve problems, train and/or coach key personnel, facilitate strategic planning, develop company meetings, and help you implement any or all of these. Overall, my focus is on improving performance in the workplace by solving problems and putting systems in place to ensure long-term results. Every consulting project is different, and I have one mantra I follow in executing them: Do whatever it takes to meet the needs of the client.
  • PRESENTATIONS: While I speak on a variety of topics, all relate somehow to performance. All of the presentations I do are customized to suit the clients I’m speaking to, and are meant to inspire, teach and entertain. However, they ultimately must deliver a result, and that result is better performance from the audience.
  • TRAINING: It’s one thing to talk about improving individual and team performance, but it’s another to put it into action. From two-hour to two-day workshops, my interactive programs put words and ideas into action. They help individuals and teams to actually implement performance-enhancing strategies. Each workshop is custom-tailored to suit your needs.

Please visit the Case Studies page for more details, and to see examples of each.

Alliances: I’ve learned to focus on what I do best, and turn to others for what they do best. For that reason, I’ve formed alliances with other consultants that specialize in marketing, finance, networking, and career development. I feel these are the best consultants in their field, so if you have needs that I can’t address I will refer you to them.

If you’re interested specifically in motorsport coaching, visit and then contact me.


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