What Are You?

Here’s a question that requires some deep thinking before answering: What are you, and who are you?

Often, when I ask that question, the answer I get is along the lines of business-owner, teacher, executive, salesperson, chef, or agent. But that’s not necessarily the answer I’m looking for. I’m not looking for the answer to the question of what you do for a living, unless that’s truly what and who you are.

Think of it this way. Do you think a blade of grass dreams of being a tree? Or, does a dog dream about being a cow? No, they are pretty happy being what they are. But many people dream of being something other than what or who they currently are. And to me, that’s what or who they really are.

Perhaps the executive who dreams of doing oil paintings is really an artist. Or, the business-owner who dreams of hiking to the top of Mount Everest is an adventurist. Or, a teacher who dreams of writing a novel is a writer. Or, the chef who dreams of owning his own restaurant is an entrepreneur.

Just because someone works at an ad agency, are they truly a marketer? Or is that just a job?

What is it that you feel you were born to do? That’s what and who you are.

Me? I’m a driver. Yes, my profession became what I am – in more ways than one. Sure, I’m a driver, as in a driver of race cars. In fact, driving cars is something that seems to come naturally to me. But I’m a driver of myself, and others, as well. As a performance coach, what I love to do – and what I was born to do – is drive others to perform at their very best.

I’ve been fortunate in that I realized what I am at a very early age, and was able to make that my profession. It’s like I’ve made a living by playing with my hobby.

I’m not saying that you must make a living from what you are. But if you’re able to do that, the passion that will come through in your career will make a huge difference to your performance.

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