Talk Your Way to Clarity

I love talking to people who are successful in business. I particularly enjoy hearing their perspectives on what it takes to be successful. It doesn’t matter how successful – or even unsuccessful – they are, there’s something to be learned from all of them.

What often happens in these discussions is after asking a number of questions the direction of the conversation changes and it’s my turn to share some thoughts. And while I don’t claim to have all the answers – far from it – it’s fun to talk about what I believe works. It’s fun to talk about what I’ve seen work, both from the perspective of a businessperson and from a coach’s viewpoint.

What’s most fun about these discussions is what I learn from them. By the time I’ve talked through some of my approaches and philosophies, I’ve gotten much more clarity. Of course, this is why I write. The act of writing, or talking through a theory or strategy enables me to see it much more clearly.

Try it. Sit down with a friend or co-worker and explain the theory and practice of how you do what it is you do. Pretend you’re being interviewed by someone who is writing a book, and you’re the expert on the topic. Just start talking. Explain your philosophy, your approach to how you do what you do. If you’re a manager, talk about what you think are the keys to successfully managing people and systems. If you’re a leader, tell your friend/interviewer what it means to lead. If you’re a software code writer, explain the process you go through to work through a project. If you’re a teacher, talk about what you think makes a great teacher.

Go for it. Take your knowledge to the next level by talking through what it is you do. I’ll bet your performance improves without you even being aware of it by doing this. Have fun!

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