Gold Medal Learnings: What The Olympics Taught Us

In the days and weeks following the Olympics the media is full of highlights, lowlights and “moments” from the games. And the London Olympics certainly had it’s share:

  • Usain Bolt’s dominating performances.
  • Michael Phelps… what can one say?
  • Andy Murray’s gold-medal performance over perhaps the best tennis player ever.
  • Gabby Douglas’ gymnastics performance.
  • Mo Farah’s double gold-medal runs.
  • Missy Franklin’s performance in the pool.
  • Eric Idle singing Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life in the closing ceremonies!

Definitely one of my favorite highlights was 15-year-old Katie Ledecky’s 800-meter gold-medal performance. And I absolutely loved what she had to say in this interview afterward: She talks about being in the moment, about there being no expectations or pressure, about enjoying herself, and just having fun.

In fact, my big take-away from this year’s Olympics is what so many of the U.S. athletes said before and after their events. It was obvious to me that someone has been “working” with these athletes, because I’ve never heard so many talk about “being here to have fun,” and “I just want to enjoy this experience” before. When athletes are having fun, they perform better.

There’s also a pretty good video that captures some of the highlights at Enjoy!

In fact, just have fun!

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