Find A Way To Say Yes

Hey, I just learned a big lesson about myself.

Recently, a colleague told me that I seem to say yes to everything I’m asked to do. I nodded in agreement (see, there I go!), and said that I do have a problem saying no to things I’m asked to do. But the more I thought about it, and about the things that I have said no to, I realized that it’s not really true that I always say yes.

The truth is that I try to find a way to say yes to things.

When someone brings up a problem, or says that they need help with something, it’s not that I always just say yes. It’s that I look for ways to solve the problem, and make things happen.

I’ve always been about making things happen. That’s just the way I am. I’ve always had a “whatever it takes” kind of attitude, so finding a way to say yes just seems natural.

And I can say so no. In fact, I find myself often saying no to something in a business setting if it doesn’t make good business sense. I love being presented with an opportunity, analyzing it strictly from a “Is this good for the business?” perspective, and then making a decision. If it makes sense, I say yes, even if it’s going to take some work to make it work, to get around some challenges. If it doesn’t make good business sense, then I’m okay saying no.

I don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing, but a part of my business philosophy is “Find a way to say yes, and then do whatever it takes to make it happen.”

Sorry about making this blog about me, but I thought it might trigger some thought about yourself. What do you think? Make sense? How about you?

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