Changing The Organization

Awhile back, I wrote a post about change, specifically about how individuals can change their mental programming with the use of mental imagery. But I posed the question, “How does an entire organization change – how can an entire company do mental programming?”

So, do you have the answer?

I’m waiting…

Okay, maybe I’ll take a stab at it – although I’d still like to hear your answer. You can always post a comment below.

Mental models… That’s really what we’re talking about. And that’s one of the many things that great leaders do: they paint a picture of the future, helping everyone in the organization to develop a mental model of what the changed future looks like.

Developing a mental model is really mental imagery, otherwise known as visualization. When a leader designs a picture of what the future looks like, change and all, others develop a clear mental model of that future. And, for whatever reason, our minds tend to follow the image we put in it. In other words, if you help create a mental image of what the future will look like, and I get a very strong, clear picture of it, my mind will do everything it can to ensure it happens as you’ve represented it.

“Change comes from within.” Sounds very Zen-like, doesn’t it? But it fits organizational change. Until the people within the organization change their model of the business, nothing you do to the organization will change. Think of this change as being an inside-out approach, instead of an outside-in one. You can change procedures, you can change processes, you can even change the people in the organization, but until a majority of people have a clear mental model of what the change looks like, feels like, and sounds like, nothing will transform.

But that’s just my mental model of change. What’s yours? How do you think organizations can create change?

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2 Responses to “Changing The Organization”

  1. Patrick says:

    Good question. Change is very hard to implement. A lot of people don’t like change. I am not a big fan of change. But I also realize business changes everyday. We have to continually develop better ways. What worked yesterday to be successful may not work today. There is no choice. If you are not growing and you are doing the same things you always did, you are actually falling behind. That being said you need a team of people with a clear vision and clear understanding of the goal. So how do you do that? Communicate. Comunnicate and empower people to make their own decisions. Give everyone the picture of what is trying to be accomplished. You can’t really change people, but I notice the more I communicate , the more I guide, the more I give people tools to develop themselves the better they become. People do want to learn, they want to do better and they want to change for the better. Teams do not want to change just for the sake of changing. People really do want to be winners and be part of a successful change. As long as they understand why we are changing. I guess it all goes back to communication.

  2. Anil Dogra says:

    Agreee to what Patrick says. The major thing as per my perspective is that team should be well aware of the mission, vision and values of the organisation.Almost every week the teams should discuss the mission first and discuss where are we. for example, my organisation wants to establish no. 1 hospitality brand in the country. Discuss with team members where have we reached. This would set a working attitude, would instil confidence. You dont have to ask them to do things, take suggestions what should be done to accomplish the mission.

    People want to be a part of the change. Remember.