Another Year of Learning

Every year around this time, individuals, organizations and the media make lists of “The Best…,” “The Worst…,” “The Most…,” “The Stupidest…,” and list possible New Year’s resolutions. Me? I like to list what I’ve learned over the past 12 months. For me, a day without learning is a day not lived, let alone an entire year!

If I make a list, I’m less likely to make a major learning-take (that’s what I call a mistake that results in learning something): having to learn the same thing twice. Hey, there’s so much to learn that it’s a waste of time to learn something twice; why not learn something new?

Here are a few things I’ve learned over the past year:

  • The iPad is awesome. I love it.
  • I’ve learned more about trusting people. I won’t go into the details, but I’ve learned to tune up my sensitivity to whom I should and shouldn’t trust.
  • There is a limit to how much I can do (although I’ll probably always push the limits on that one – and go over the limit many more times, just for the fun of it). I’m learning more about when and where I need to rely on others to do things.
  • Helping people, in whatever they need help with, is the most rewarding thing I can ever do. Okay, I learned this in the past, but it was really hammered home again this past year.
  • I’ve learned a little more about business finance – and the more I learn, the less I seem to know.
  • One can never overestimate what it will take to get a new business up, running and financially successful.
  • There are great opportunities for people and businesses that do a great job. There are so many that do just the minimum to get by that anyone who does just a little extra stands out from the crowd.

There are things that I’ve learned in the past, but that were reinforced this year:

  • Surrounding myself with great people makes all the difference in the world. And staying away from the people who are not so great helps just about as much (and maybe more).
  • The working environment – the culture – is more important than just about anything else.
  • If I’m not having fun, I’m not performing at my best.
  • The island of Kaua’i is the one place that I can truly relax and recharge. It’s a magical place for me, a place that I can use to put me in a great state of mind, whether I’m really there or just imagining it.

Oh, there are so many more things on my list from this past year – the list is very long! But those are a few that I hope will trigger a list of your own.

What did you learn in 2010?

Happy New Year!

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