Act As If You’re Not Being Judged

You’re not being judged. Accept it, even if it’s not true. Pretend, if that’s what it takes. In fact, it will probably take some pretending, since we’re being judged most of our lives. But just do it – pretend you’re not being judged.

How often is your behavior impacted by what you think others think of you, or how they judge you? My bet is that most of what you do, especially within the workplace, is because of what you think is the “right” thing to do. You do what you think others want you to do or how they want you to be. Admit it, because it’s true. You don’t act true to yourself.

Is this a bad thing? Would you be better off behaving as if no one was judging you?

Imagine an entire day where you do only what you think is right, rather than what you believe others think is right. Give it a try. Act as if you are not being judged, and just do.

Some authors and management gurus will advise you to act as if you’re always being watched, as if you are constantly being evaluated. On the surface, I like the idea of that. It certainly has a chance of keeping you focused on being on your game. But it may hold you back from being who you really are. And maybe being who you are would result in you being on your game.

What’s the worst thing that could happen by simply being yourself – by acting as if no one is judging you? Could it be that you, being you, are a better performer than the you that you think you should be?

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One Response to “Act As If You’re Not Being Judged”

  1. This thread triggered a chain reaction in my brain, that I had to write here. I built a cobra replica car for a customer who was in metal construction business and he could see right away, if a piece was a 1 mm off somewhere. That made me think with every detail that I made, that this detail must be perfect, because Mart will come and see with one glance, if it is perfect or not. In that sense it was good for the quality that I knew somebody with eagle eye look will come to judge me. This had me putting a lot of effort into making very precise parts and consequently I can now see myself, whether a part is 1 mm off, or is the edge straight or curved. So now I don´t have to worry about someone judging me on my works quality anymore, because if I am myself happy with it, then it is already very much OK.
    Also, if you work in creative sector, then fear of being judged is something that kills the creativeness right away. The only way to being creative, is to get into the “zone”, where subconscious part of brain will start to play randomly the program that you have got, in order to come up with something new. Everything new still holds most parts from some old things, or something that has already been done, only with a little something new added to it. In music there are 7 notes and 5 halftones, so all possible combinations have been used thousands of times already, yet people still write new music every day. Yet, if in that process, when you are in the zone and just let the fingers play what ever they want to play and your conscious mind is sort of like following this procedure from another room and when something interesting comes along, it triggers a replay button, to save this riff or tune, or work further with it. If you then think of judges, the whole zone program hits a delete key. But in a later phase, when you have the base tunes already worked out, then you start thinking of judges or public, because you want these pieces of music to make a one song, that people would love. Then you start arranging it, add strings and horns and whistles.
    Now I´ve written two examples from my own experiences that are opposites how they work, but still contain the fear of being judged, that leads to better quality outcome, but also the importance of being free of the fear, to get creative or to just enjoy the work process, without fearing others.