Performance is performance. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking performance in the workplace or on the race track, playing the piano or writing a novel. The better you perform, the more success and enjoyment you get from the activity. Obviously, high performance in the workplace – in your job, or of your business – can have huge financial implications. Performing well may not be the only thing that leads to a promotion, but it may make the difference whether you have a job or not. And a business’s performance is what makes or breaks it.

Performance leads to results. Ironically, when we focus on the results, we often don’t perform as well as we could; therefore, we don’t achieve the results we’re after. But when we focus on our performance, we perform better, achieving the results we’re after. That’s why performance leads to results, and why we need to focus on our performance.

Performance improvement must be customized to the individual. While there are common factors that impact – both positively and negatively – our performance and the performance of the teams, organizations, and businesses we’re in, this is not a one-size-fits-all situation. What improves your performance may not work for a co-worker or teammate. What works for me may not work for you.

High Performance is a choice. People that consistently perform at a high level are proactive – they don’t wait for a problem to crop up and then look for ways to fix it. No, they constantly look for ways to enhance their performance, no matter how well they’re performing today. Their goal is to perform better tomorrow than they did today, and to perform better the day after that. They make a choice to be proactive about improving their performance.

Performance leads to the Zone. You know that state that you sometimes get into during an activity, where you get totally absorbed, lose track of time, are completely focused, it seems almost effortless, you feel confident, and you perform at your peak? That’s being in the zone. With the right approach you can trigger zone-performance on a more consistent basis. (Want to make performing extraordinarily, ordinary? Read on…)

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