The Recency Effect & Your Career

How do you want to be remembered when you move onto your next role, position or career? No matter whether you’re a CEO moving on to become the chairman or retiring entirely, a sales manager moving to a new company, or a doctor changing careers, what people will recall most about you is your last few interactions and actions.

Something called the “recency effect” is in play here. No matter what the situation, people tend to remember the most recent information. In educational settings, people remember the last thing taught or talked about. In political campaigns, voters remember what was said and done closest to election day.

Of course, if you only behave the way you want to be remembered in the final moment of your role or career, most people will see through that phoniness.

What if you acted, behaved, performed as if every day were your last in your current role? Would you do anything different? Would you want to be remembered the way you behaved or performed today? Especially in today’s business climate, you just never know whether today is your last day or not. As unpleasant a thought as that is, it’s reality. So, why not behave and perform everyday the way you want to be remembered?

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