Making Extraordinary Ordinary

Have you ever had one of those days – or even one of those moments – when you were absolutely in the zone, or in the flow? You know, when you’re totally absorbed in what you’re doing, you’re in the moment, feeling great, feeling confident, you lose track of time, everything just comes together, and you’re enjoying yourself? Perhaps, in that moment you may not have even be aware that you were in the zone, but afterwards you did.

Isn’t that extraordinary? Wouldn’t it be great if that became more of the ordinary – that it happened so often that it wasn’t so extraordinary any more? That can happen.

So, what caused that extraordinary performance, what caused you to get into the zone or flow? Ahh, that’s the sixty-four million dollar question!

Through sports psychology, neuroscience, human learning factors and a few other disciplines, the question of how you can perform in the zone more often is not so much of a secret anymore. I’ve studied these disciplines, applied what I’ve learned, and helped thousands of people – in sport, in business, in life – get into the zone more often.

That’s what my Making Extraordinary Ordinary workshop is all about: Helping you perform at a higher level more often. Or, helping you help others perform at a higher level more often.

Let me know if you would like to perform in the zone more often – if you’d like to make extraordinary just ordinary.

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