Performance Leads To Results

Because of some work I’ve been doing lately, I’ve been thinking about how many executives, managers and business owners approach their careers. Or, specifically in the case of business owners, what their approach is to making their companies successful.

How many times have you seen someone with extraordinary technical skills get promoted to a management position, only to struggle? Why? Because technical skills do not necessarily make for good people-management skills.

Many employees have a personal goal of climbing the corporate ladder, and company founders have a goal of seeing their companies become successful.

The best way for individuals to climb the corporate ladder is to perform better than others around them. The best way for company founders to see their organizations become successful is to ensure the employees of their companies perform at a high level.

Some people have extraordinary technical skills. However, they may not have the people-management skills they need; they may not be able to bring out the best performance in others around them. That will limit the level they can achieve, or how successful a company will be.

As employees move up in an organization, they typically need to spend less time performing the technical skills that got them there, and more time performing people management. Often, founders of  companies have the technical knowledge to develop a “better mousetrap,” but not the skills to develop the people to ensure success.

As a performance coach I specialize in helping “non-people people” become “people people.” In other words, helping individuals whose background and experience has been in technical matters become great managers of people and teams. I specialize in bringing out the best performance in individuals – executives, managers and business owners – their direct reports, and teams.

There are two attitudes or mindsets that I often see that frustrate me. First, it’s a person with all sorts of potential hoping that he or she will perform well enough to get noticed and promoted. I’ve always believed that hope is not a strategy. Without a plan for improvement, there is little chance of anything changing.

Second, it’s the business or individual who believes that what got them to where they are today will continue to make them successful. One of the only things we know for sure about tomorrow is that it will be different. A little success can lull a person or an entire company into thinking that it will continue to be successful. This is something that I see in the sport coaching that I do – superstars are never satisfied with where they are today, while the average athlete thinks that doing what’s made them successful to date is what they should continue doing. There is a reason superstars become superstars.

If you’re happy with where you’re at right now, do the same things you’ve being doing – don’t change anything. But if you want to be successful, if you want to move up the ladder, if you want your company to be successful… implement a plan – a strategy – for constant improvement.

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