Performance Coaching and The Variety of My Job

I love the variety that my coaching “job” allows me. Actually, anything this much fun couldn’t be work, so I can’t really call it a job.

Two weeks ago I was coaching firefighters in the Seattle area, enhancing their on-the-job performance. A component of this training was aimed at driving, but ultimately what I was doing was helping these fire- fighters improve their performance in all aspects of the job. My presentation and training provided them with a number of “tools” that they could use to trigger great performances. If any job could use these performance tools, it’s firefighting.

A few days later, I was conducting a workshop for a car club in Boston. Again, they initially thought the presentation was focused on driving, but everyone walked away saying things like, “Wow! This applies to a lot more than driving. In fact, it applies to just about everything in life.”

A day later, I was in North Carolina at a meeting with some people from one of the largest leadership development and coaching firms in the world. Amongst other things, we talked about ways to integrate motorsport coaching with business coaching, and how what I do can be used as a laboratory for research and development of new leadership training methods.

Later that week, I was in Los Angeles doing something that I’d never done before: coaching a drifter. No, not a homeless person, but a driver who competes in drifting competitions. In 2006, he was the world champion, and now wants to improve his mental game, especially handling the pressure that is put on him to perform. I had never seen a drifting event, nor did I know anything about the techniques and skills the drivers need (well, I do know a little more now). My lack of knowledge of the techniques and skills was not a problem – I wasn’t there to teach or instruct him. I was there to develop a mental training program that would enable him to perform at his peak. It turned out to be a very successful 2.5 days of coaching, and I look forward to an ongoing coaching relationship with him.

Speaking of ongoing coaching relationships, from L.A. I flew directly to Australia to work with a driver I’ve coached off and on for almost 6 years now. Again, here is a driver who has the basic knowledge, skills and techniques, but every now and then needs work on the mental aspects of racing. Specifically, I spent 3 days coaching him at one of the most beautiful race circuits in the world, on Phillip Island, near Melbourne. If you ever have the opportunity to visit this island, do it. And for sure, go see the penguin parade, where the fairy penguins come ashore each evening – it’s one of those amazing scenes put on by Mother Nature.

This week I’ll be phone coaching one of my regular coaching clients, and then I’m off to Washington, DC to conduct a program for teens on behalf of a major insurance company – on “Good Morning America.”

Firefighters, car club members, leadership development groups, drifters, race drivers, teens, insurance companies… they all have one thing in common: they want to improve their performance. And I’m the lucky person who gets to help them achieve their objectives… and learn from them all so I can help others even better… so I can help them achieve their objectives… and learn from all of them…and on it continues.

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