It’s Awards Time! (WPA)

Bad BossAs we approach the end of the year, we are inundated with awards and top 10, top 100, top this and that, and lists of greatests… And I’m here to add to the fun. I’m proud to announce the first annual… drum roll please… Worst Performance Award.
I’m looking for nominations for the worst performance from a boss, co-worker, manager, coach, instructor, teacher, teammate, or whoever. As you can see, this award is not very focused! I’m just looking for stories about bad performance. Or even better, bad performance that’s funny.

Oh, and because this is the first annual, you can pick an example of bad performance from any time in your past. Just send me your story.

An example: Years ago there was a Little League baseball team at the World Championships. The pitcher, a big kid for his age, had a pitch that was practically un-hittable. That’s the main reason the team had made it to the finals. But now the team was up against a team from Japan. In the first few innings, the Japanese hitters couldn’t get near a hit. And then…

One of the Japanese players hit a home run. Then the next hitter got a triple. And the next got a hit, too. That’s when the young American pitcher had a meltdown. He looked to his coach, who walked out onto the pitcher’s mound to give some coaching. Unfortunately for the coach, he had a microphone on him for the TV coverage. Fortunately for us, we could hear every bit of his coaching.

As the coach looked into the dumbstruck and fearful eyes of his pitcher, he said, “Just buckle down.” With a look of “what?” on his face, the pitcher came back with, “But coach, what do I do?” The coach replied, “Just buckle down,” and again the pitcher said, “But what do I do?” The coach got very serious this time, put his arm on the pitcher’s shoulder and said, “Just buckle down and go after it,” and walked off the field, leaving his player looking like a deer in the headlights.

Needless to say, the coach’s advice was next to useless, and the team went on to lose the game. That’s an example of bad performance from a coach.

I’ve mentioned in the past about a boss I once had. I would go for an entire year with less than five minutes conversation with him. I got no direction, no feedback, no nothing from him. That was a bad performance from a boss.

I’m sure you have many examples of bad performance, so send me your nominations for the Worst Performance Award. Click on the comment link below and give me a short overview of the bad performance. Keep it anonymous, and keep it clean. But keep them coming my way. You can nominate as many Worst Performers as you want. In a couple of weeks I’ll select the Worst Performance Award and give the nominator a prize of unspeakable value!

The more nominations, the better. This should be fun!

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